Attendees at an early DArt planning meeting

DART was formed when a few Doraville residents wondered “where is the art in Doraville?” and then got together to do something about it. The Facebook page was set up in 2018 and we began to meet in person in Spring, 2019, planning our first event to take place in September.

The group is open to all who are interested in supporting the arts in Doraville, whether you are an artist or just a supportive friend.

Our Mission

DART is an organization to create and encourage art in the city of Doraville to the benefit of the community through advocacy, education and opportunity.

Ideas and Plans

DArt plans to create community through art by facilitating and supporting events such as exhibits, shows, artist meetups, and festivals. This includes supporting artistic elements in larger local events as well.

DArt will work to facilitate new public art in Doraville, including art by new artists and artists from under-represented communities.

DArt wants to help people learn about art, and so we will encourage arts education in any way possible — workshops, art demos in local schools, and more.

We’d love to hear your ideas for more ways we can enhance Doraville communities through art! Please join us.

The Team

(Amanda Wiggins and Victoria Huynh are also on the board but we don’t have their pictures yet.)