Writers! “Shut Up & Write” on Thursdays

Doraville Shut Up & Write meets every Thursday at 8 pm at White Windmill Bakery & Cafe (하얀풍차), 5881 Buford Hwy NE.

Once we settle in there, we shut up and write (or otherwise work on any writing project) for 25 minutes solid. Then we take a short break to eat, chat, whatever. Then we work again, and take another break. And again, one more time. Then we can socialize, or go home, or whatever.

The point is to have some focused writing time every week, and to turn writing into a social experience that is more motivating for some of us.

You do not need to share any of what you write (unless you want to) — this is not a writers’ critique session. It’s just a time for us to get together, support each other, and get some work done, building a new habit of consistent writing.

See you there!